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Boil a pot of rice. have 3 mason jars or freezer bags ready. Label one Love and the other Hate. The other one will have a blank label, that's your control. Beam the emotion to the corresponding jar on a daily basis. Bags will take at least 7 days to show results, and jars can take 180 days. The same rice is in all 3 jars, and the same germs. The repeatable experiment is unexplained by the US scientific community. Do the experiment in freezer bags and the results can be in after a week.


This experiment is different for everyone for an unproven reason. I theorize the same this all of the Theory of Relativity says: physics at the same speed appears the same for all observers at that speed. In this case, it's several thousand mph. Really, you have no idea how fast you're going right now. All you can do is compare it to the speed of the surface of the Earth. So, the rice experiment appears the same to all observers because we're all traveling at the same speeds. So, the rice experiment should appear the same for every observer, but it doesn't. It really works! The man in this video explains what went on to produce those results:

The results may seem unexplainable to most people, but that's only because Biophoton Theory isn't taught in many schools. Then, there are smear campaigns against the research, or phishing the research, but it you get the facts from Fritz Albert Popp and Alexander Gurwitsch.

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Is that enough evidence to hint that you should get more Mozart Effect in your life?